Refrigerated - Inari-zushi (Tofu Pouches / Fried Soybean Curd) - 160g

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South Korea
cool, dry and protected from light

1. Soybean curd 81.87%- Seasoned Soybean curd[Soybean, Soybean oil, Firming agent(E516, E509)], Soy sauce(Soybean, Fructose, Salt, Wheat, Flavour enhancer:E621), Sugar, Water, Sweetener(E420), Alcohol 2. Sauce- Fructose, Water, Sugar, Salt, Cider vinegar(Apple concentrate, Water, Alcohol), Brown sugar, Rice wine, Acidity regulator(E296) 3. Flakes- Roased Sesame seed, Dried carrot, Dried leek
  per 100g
Energy 695.01kJ/166kcal
Fat 6.7g
- thereof saturated fatty acids 1.1g
Carbohydrates 19g
- thereof sugar 15g
Protein 7.4g