Free Home Delivery

Free Home delivery, order from CHF 39.90

Plan Pick up from Salper's Pick Point and get Extra 5% Discount.

Minimum order for Pick up, CHF 50.-, otherwise CHF 5.- will be charged as Handling charges.

No hidden fee or charges in product price to cover the FREE SHIPPING cost.

We, salpers team, offer the competitive price for online shopping.

Our prices are guaranteed lowest among all online Asian Grocery web shops.

We do not charge our customer extra cents in the name of FREE SHIPPING.

 Packing charges for Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Frozen items:

Minimum CHF 4.9 will be charged as Packing Charges.

This amount will be added separately in your bill and you will have to pay before delivery. 

Shipping Terms:

Shipping within 1-2 Working days. Normally there is no delivery over weekends and public holidays.

Order having Fresh Vegetables or Fruits, might take little longer delivery time.

If fresh item / vegetables are not available, we ship the order as soon as possible and do not wait for unavailable item(s) / vegetable(s).

Missing item / vegetables could be added & deliver in next order or issue a voucher to adjust the price.

The refund will made in the form of a credit voucher with 12 months validity. There is no cash back policy.

We take adequate measures to deliver Fresh and Frozen products, however, a lot depends on how you store and when you consume the products. Therefore, we are unable to accept any claim for refunds after 4 hours of delivery.