Kraft Paper Tub with Lid - Brown - 250ml - 50 Pcs

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 Kraft Paper Tub with Lid - Brown - 250ml - 50 Pcs

Top : 10.5 cm

Bottom : 9.0 cm

Height : 4.5 cm

100 % Eco Friendly

100% Bio Degradable, Leak proof.

Paper Tub and Lid both made of high quality Kraft paper.

Round Paper Containers with Paper Lids are now being widely adopted as takeaway containers for food delivery among consumers who want an eco-friendly solution to food delivery. 

These containers are made from food grade paperboard with a poly-coat inside and are provided with a similar paper lid. The coating ensures that the container is resistant to liquid absorption and are reasonably leak-resistant. 

Good for Liquids and Gravy - The tight locking on our White paper tub containers makes them a preferred choice for packing dal, khichdi, rice, curry, gravies, curd, and other foods. They can hold liquids and oily foods safely without any leakage issues. 

Food Grade - All our products are certified safe for food contact 

Recyclable - Made with High-Quality Kraft Paper, these containers can be recycled once disposed of. 

Customization- if you are looking for a customized size and / or printing option, please write us at or Whatsapp : 076 408 94 30