Leakproof Bagasse Round Bowl 750ml With Bagasse Lid - 100 Pcs

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Leak proof Bagasse Round Bowl 750ml With Bagasse Lid

These takeaway food bowls are natural light brown in color and made from Bagasse non-wood fibers (from sugarcane) with a matching, secure snap-fit lid.

With a special grove locking system, these anti-leak containers create a spill-resistant lock that is safe for liquid food deliveries as well. 

Perfect for hot or cold takeaway meals.  Suitable for microwave reheating and freezer safe.

Product dimensions : 175mm diameter x 70mm deep.

  • Ultra Strong And Leak Proof.

  • 100% Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable and Composable

  • 100% Food Grade and Non-Toxic

  • Zero Plastic.

  • 100% Microwave Safe, Refrigerator Safe.

Customization- if you are looking for a customized size and / or printing option, please write us at salpers.ch@gmail.com or Whatsapp : 076 408 94 30